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Senity Toothpaste
It’s Your Moment
A Breakthrough Toothpaste Specially Formulated for Elderly


Senity toothpaste for seniors contains 500ppm Fluoride and Zinc Gluconate to prevent cavities and gingivitis. Help reducing accumulated bacteria to prevent bad breath. Special formula designed for silver age. Enriched with potassium Nitrate for anti-sensitivity and help protecting enamel and desensitize the nerve. Hydrated silica and PVP helps removing plaque, tartar, and teeth stains. Gentle and non-destructive natural enamel. Aloe Vera extract moisturizes, soften and anti-inflammation in your mouth. Combination scent of Aloe Vera mint keeps your breath fresh all day.

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It’s Your Moment
A Breakthrough Mouthwash Specially Formulated for Elderly

Innovative design for healthy clean with gentle formulation. The right combination of oil and water mixed together formed the emulsion that can deeply clean both oil and water soluble impurities in your mouth easily and effectively. Zero alcohol base, will not burn and pungent your mouth. Touch of mildness oral cleansing therapeutic that can use more often as desire.

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Senity Gripp
It’s Your Moment
A Breakthrough Grip Specially Designed for Elderly

Senity gripper fits right in your hand. It allows you to get a good grip of your toothbrush, utensils, and stationary. Make it easier for you to handle and control anything in your hand. Non slip surface helps your ability to hold things and make your everyday routine at ease. Senity gripper is also specially designed to have the right softness and flexibility. It can be your exercise friend to do strength training practice to improve your muscle weakness by grape and squeeze in your free time.