SENITY Toothpaste


Senity toothpaste for seniors contains 500ppm Fluoride and Zinc Gluconate to prevent cavities and gingivitis. Help reducing accumulated bacteria to prevent bad breath. Special formula designed for silver age. Enriched with potassium Nitrate for anti-sensitivity and help protecting enamel and desensitize the nerve. Hydrated silica and PVP helps removing plaque, tartar, and teeth stains. Gentle and non-destructive natural enamel. Aloe Vera extract moisturizes, soften and anti-inflammation in your mouth. Combination scent of Aloe Vera mint keeps your breath fresh all day.

Aloe vera formulation

Soothes the gum and moisturises the lips with aloe vera. Soften the skin in contact and helps with anti-inflammation. Hydrated Silica and PVP gently remove plaque, tartar, and teeth stains.

Healthy teeth and gum

Concentrated 500ppm Fluoride and Zinc Gluconate help prevents cavities. Potassium Nitrate reduces gum and teeth sensitivity and helps protecting enamel.

Eco-friendly tube

Eco-conscious selection of materials to save the planet. PCR (Post Consumer Resin) is used at the outer layer of the tube to reduce the world’s new plastic production. This product packaging leads in ‘Circular Economy’ by bringing used materials into the cycle of production process.