It’s your moment to take care of yourself and your love ones with Senity toothbrush. Ergonomically design to help you brush you teeth at ease. Carefully selected world best en-rounded filaments suit for elderly oral health. With the choices of super soft and medium soft rounded tips bristles for your preference.

Angle 10 Degree

The research shows that a toothbrush with 10 degree angle works best in your mouth for teeth cleaning.

Ergonomically designed handle with slope for finger lock.

Matte handle for safety and comfortable grip.

No flip over secure

With features specifically designed to reduce slippering risks. Sit still when you lay it down. Now you can take care of your love one without worry.

World best en-rounded soft filament suitable for elderly teeth

100% Bio-Degradable

Eco-conscious selection of materials to save the planet. Handle is made of Bio-Plastic from corn and tapioca make it 100% bio-degradable when buried in a landfill for 6 months in suitable conditions

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