Senity Gripp is the newest innovation for safety and good grip. With its flexibility, you can use the Gripp for holding toothbrush, spoons, forks and stationeries. The patented Senity Gripp has the universal size, light weight and soft. Suitable for elderly, patients with Paralysis, and Myasthenia Gravis (muscle weakness). Its smooth non-slip surface does not accumulate dirt, and is easy to clean. This tool will make your daily life easier and can also be a physiotherapy tool for finger and hand muscle exercise.


Senity toothbrush and Gripp wins the 2020 Design Excellence Award. The official certificate was endorsed by the Ministry of Commerce (Thailand) for its high quality of design.

*This product was designed under the collaboration with SolidSprout.

Ergonomically designed

Designed with the inspiration to help those in need of stable grip. The size is perfect to hold in one hand while the hole is at the right size for lots of objects.

Trustworthy material

With thorough research and development, the Senity Gripp is the patented innovative product with the best material to found. It is made from food-grade silicone, risk-free for use in contact with sensitive skin, and even near the mouth.

Improve muscle strength

With further activities, the Gripp can become a physiotherapy device by daily holding and gripping practice.