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2 Bottles of Senity Mouthwash


Innovative design for healthy clean with gentle formulation. The right combination of oil and water mixed together formed the emulsion that can deeply clean both oil and water soluble impurities in your mouth easily and effectively. Zero alcohol base, will not burn and pungent your mouth. Touch of mildness oral cleansing therapeutic that can use more often as desire.


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    • Innovative formulation with perfect combination for elderly oral care.
    • No alcohol, no burning.
    • Nourishing oil helps maintain gum barrier to prevent dry mouth.
    • Oil-pulling technology to cleanse teeth and gum rapidly and effectively.
    • Anti-cavity with fluoride.
    • Remove plaque and accumulated bacteria.
    • Long lasting fresh breath & refreshing
    • Eco-conscious selection of materials to save the planet.


    • No Alcohol
    • No Silicone
    • No Paraben
    • No mineral oil
    • No Sulfate
    • No Sugar
    • No D4,5,6
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