SENITY Mouthwash


Innovative formulation with perfect combination for elderly care. Senity mouthwash can prevent accumulated stain on teeth, reduce bacteria causing plaque and bad breath. We substitute alcohol with refreshment oil and water-based ingredient. That’s why they form the perfect emulsion for cleansing impurities as well as preventing dry mouth. It also contains fluoride to strengthen the teeth.

Oil-Pulling Technology

With 2 layers of active liquid, this mouthwash technology cleanses teeth and gum rapidly and effectively. It can remove oral grease even better than conventional mouthwash.

No harmful ingredients

No alcohol, silicone, paraben, mineral oil,
sulphate, sugar, and D4,5,6. That’s why Senity mouthwash cleanses effectively even to sensitive oral tissue.

100% Eco-friendly

The bottle is made from eco-conscious materials to save the planet. It’s the first 100% bio-degradable mouthwash bottle that uses bioplastic material made from sugarcane, corn, and tapioca.