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Oral Care Equipment that Cares People and Environment

By studying the consumer’s behavior through inquiries, interviews and data collection from research, SolidSprout and Senity developed various products to be more friendly to the consumers and the environment. The designs and manufacturing are under the concept of “Innovation Carefully Designed for Your Timeless Life”. The shape of the toothbrush handle has been redesigned to be more comfortable to hold. It prevents slippage and also allows the elderly to easily grasp to reduce the risk of danger from using a toothbrush thanks to the locking protrusions and convex sections that help adjusting the grip. The bristles also have been specially developed to be the first in Thailand to have a suitable softness level of bristles that have never been found in other toothbrush brands. The materials used in the production of the brush handles is bioplastic from corn and tapioca, and can be degraded in certain conditions (Biodegradable).


can be degraded (Biodegradable).

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