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What's our


To create the products and production lines that reduce the negative impacts while creating positive impacts to the societies.

Our Actions

Oral Care products and delivery that solve the world's problems.

The critical points

  • Manufacturers and products usually contribute to the effects on the society and the earth.

  • ‘Good design’ may reduce the manufacturing’s negative impacts and create positive impacts.

  • Designers and critical thinkers from SolidSprout collaborated with Senity to develop oral care products that reduce risks and enliven the quality of life for elderly people in the way that never happen before.


Worawat, MD

We need to create a production line that solves the society’s issues.

- Senity -

Manufacturing for the Society

When we talk about the problems that happened to the consumers and the environment, the bad guys are usually ‘the manufacturers’. That’s kind of correct since lots of manufacturers are focusing on increasing their own profits but not the consumers’ or the earth’s. The self-centered actions from the manufacturers will create drawbacks that hit the factories themselves in one day. We, as manufacturers, need to do something to stop this process and start doing something better.

Collaboration with SolidSprout

Design isn’t just for aesthetics. It’s all about solving problems. We need to admit that manufacturers are part of the consumption ecosystem. Their actions can affect everyone in the society in one way or another. The collaboration between SolidSprout (SolidSprout Co., Ltd.) and Senity is one way that we tried to test and make a demonstration about how the society and the product lines can create positive outcomes together.


Dr. Akara

‘Design’ is one of the jigsaws that can help solve the social issues.

- SolidSprout -

‘Design’ to solve social issues

SolidSprout works on the principle ‘Design for Social Impacts’ through design works globally to tackle societal problems. In this project SolidSprout worked seamlessly with Senity to create a friendly ecosystem for the elderly people, their families, and the environment with the full range of oral care production lines.

Elderly Health Care

Oral health can affect the wellbeing of each person as a whole. Ineffective oral care routine can lead to a lot of diseases due to the imbalance of the ‘normal flora’ or the good bacteria in the mouth. To help solve the health issues through the oral care products for the elderly, the production process and the designs should comply with the lifestyles and the ease of use for the people.

Environmental Issues

Apart from the health care issues, the environmental issues are also taken care of in the Senity production lines. With careful selections of eco-friendly materials and the organisational activities, they can help solve the waste and energy problems.

Oral care products for the people and the earth

Senity products support the power of the people by the direct buy-sale points online. It reduces the unnecessary cost of the middle salesperson and lower the price of the final products to the range that most consumers can buy. The Senity annual subscription plans are also designed to help deliver the products to the customers at the right time (suggested every 3 months), so they can rest assured that the oral heath care routine will never be neglected. All the waste products from the subscribers are returned to Senity for waste management, leaving no burden to the environment.